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Lucifero Illuminazione leading company for interior decorative lighting with unique design with a wide range of products that come out of the lines thanks to the search for lighting systems both with LEDs and with traditional and low energy consumption lamps. For over 25 years it has been increasingly committed to innovation and the search for refined materials with both chrome and painted finishes. A real brand that will change the face of your spaces by creating very cool environments full of precious objects that are not easy to find

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Lucifero Illuminazione extravagant lighting manufacturer

A right partner to light up your home or office with products that are also suitable for clubs

Lucifero Illuminazione is a company that produces luminous virtuosity where it ranges from illuminated paintings to floor lamps with floral decorations . Lucifero Illuminazione has been producing lighting fixtures suitable for any environment for over 25 years, its products are sold all over the world thanks to their irresistible design. The continuous research and development for the design that generate new styles and represent the strong point of the company which thanks to these characteristics can satisfy any public both from the simplest one to the one attentive to the fashions of the moment . Their products range from solutions both for the lighting of indoor spaces and environments and for outdoor spaces. Lucifero Illuminazione produces: suspension lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps , and low voltage lighting systems are also available. Many articles of their production make use of LED technology for greater energy saving while respecting the environment . Lucifero Illuminazione is a company that gives life and original ideas to illuminate and give a new perspective to the concept of lighting, overcoming the boundaries of design and reaching the rich territory of experimentation and creativity with fantastic and very imaginative articles. So it is appropriate to say that the product, genius and design come together to create unusual and very chic lighting. Lucifero Illuminazione produces artistic chandeliers with an eclectic and anti-conventional style: lighting systems that are both light solutions and works of art, with unusual shapes. An anti-conformist choice with an aesthetic detail, ideal for those who want to illuminate their spaces with floor lamps in the shape of a woman or a skull , or with illuminated paintings depicting the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci . Each Lucifero Illuminazione product is therefore a work of art that will decorate your living room or office with a modern style, creating a mystical atmosphere full of whimsy. Each product is tested with the regulations in force in the EU to give the final customer the guarantee of Made in Italy . In the collection of lamps dedicated to the Lucifero Illuminazione brand you will find floor lamps such as: Brenda or Febeh , illuminated paintings such as: Mona Lisa or Alissa and then move on to table lamps such as Bella and Clea