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Entrance furniture and shop windows to enrich the furnishings of your home

The entrance represents, in a certain way, the visiting card of a house. This is the first room in which guests enter, the first on which they look: it is therefore necessary that it is treated in detail, and that immediately transmits a widespread impression of warmth, intimacy and welcome. The best solution is to furnish this environment with a suitable piece of furniture, perhaps equipped with a showcase to display decorative objects, frames with photos and so on. Such a complement immediately reveals the essence of the dwelling, and fully suggests the idea of the home hearth. Obviously the condition is that it is made with natural materials, a source of safety, simplicity and elegance: and which option, from this point of view, is more suitable than wood? The wooden panels combine with the metal finishes to give life to interior design products in pure industrial-vintage style. A real reference to the past, which amazes for its retro taste and for the wealth of details that the peeling surfaces cannot hide. Indeed, the aged effect is a touch of class that embellishes the whole and gives the coverings the charm of the antique!

In what other contexts can a cabinet with a showcase be used?

Hallway furniture with showcase is actually perfect for many other rooms. They are excellent for all rustic-style spaces: those that evoke the mood of the huts and farmhouses of the past, where existence was marked by love for the family and fundamental values such as genuineness and authenticity. Combine an element of this type with a striking brick fireplace, an industrial-vintage table, a pair of leather armchairs or country-like chairs. Contrary to what the name might lead you to believe, hall furniture is very versatile and can be found in many rooms! For example, they are used in the living room, in the bedroom, even in the kitchen to store food and utensils. These structures are also popular in studios and home offices, or home offices. Their sober shapes and raw wood shelves make daily work easier and more comfortable. The advantage is that you can use these complements to keep everything you want, including books, envelopes of documents, encyclopedias and so on and so forth.

The characteristics of an industrial-vintage hallway cabinet

The furniture we are talking about does not fall into a single category, but are halfway between the vintage and industrial trends. On the one hand, therefore, we have romantic shades and completely natural surfaces, which almost make you breathe an air of other times; on the other there are metal details in plain sight, which help to delineate the typical atmosphere of the factories and manufactories of the past centuries. The speech will be clearer thanks to examples. The Playmouth showcase is a combination of wood and iron, of great impact and decidedly scenographic. Bureau, on the other hand, has a softer and more delicate design, emblem of the classic Parisian industrial style. These products, available on Agora Mobili, are specially peeled to accentuate an antique look, typical of the best period furnishings. The same goes for the Ferry model, with metal doors and dark wood architecture. Such items possess the rustic refinement of antiques, but they cannot be separated from modern elements such as extremely advanced construction processes. Enrich your home with an entrance furniture with showcase that combines industrial with vintage! Among other things, such structures are solid and robust, resistant to wear and heavy loads.