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Furnishing a home opens up a range of possibilities to create your own style starting from materials and ideas that reflect our way of being, our interior color, our mood, the liveliness and personality that best reflect us. The home is the nest, the first and last place to refer to, that place of the heart that becomes a refuge, the only real fixed point of our life, so why waste the opportunity to make it a unique place in the world? Our place! Furnishing it in the best way is therefore the necessary step that a home deserves to have all the features that come closest to our way of living it, therefore focusing on elegance, comfort and functionality. Why this? Because glass is a versatile, elegant material, always in fashion and never to be underestimated for many aspects and functions, so here is an entire area dedicated to glass and its many possibilities! Let's see together which ones? Read on with us


Glass, a lifelong love! Yes, it is a unique material that has always given many satisfactions to every interior designer, because it goes well with many styles: whether they are minimal, traditional or industrial, glass is the ideal of lightness of form, an excellent counterpoint for those who want alternate contrasts in your favorite environments and then play on full and empty, on light and heavy, on transparent that illuminates more "closed" environments, which lack the right amount of light or "openness". Ideal for confined spaces, glass opens up to a lighter vision, but it is also perfect for all open space environments, to highlight the breadth and great circulation of spaces: whether it is a large house or a large office, it is a valid support it is always of great taste and is versatile for many functions: coffee tables, entrance consoles and last but not least, desk for smart working! Here are our proposals.


We at Kasa-Store are always attentive to all the advantages that the market offers in the various proposals in trend with our vision for interior, exterior and office furniture, a new category that fits in with the new times we are experiencing. and that makes us experience the environments at home with new features, such as office corners for freelancers and smart-working. This is why we have inaugurated this new section to give you an idea of ​​how much glass is a versatile and useful proposal to enhance any room in your home, with the right lightness and the right contribution in terms of functionality and design. Not just dining tables, coffee tables, wall consoles and coffee tables: now even smart working becomes part of our world! A glass desk, ergonomic and design, is what you need for your home-office corner at home: a resistant, elegant but above all beautiful to see when its usefulness is to occupy its space with documents, a laptop, an ergonomic chair and maybe a bit of clutter, like any self-respecting office desk. Times have changed, the evolution of the concept of work today is smart, just like glass and all its versatility are smart. Kasa-Store is your new perfect furnishing idea, why not take advantage of it? Continue shopping with us and browse through all our proposals, our styles and our look at interior design, you will surely find what is right for your home!