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The thrill of your first job, your first salary, your first summer with your first holidays, impromptu dinners with friends when you have nothing in the fridge and you barely have space in the house for two more places; a sofa where you can dive in every time you come home at absurd times, after a pizza around with friends or a bike ride because you wanted to get some air. You have no timetables, you have no constraints, you have no one to tell you what to do, when, where and why: there is only you with your life, with your rhythms, there is you and your world to be discovered, after that much desired independence from home life with mum and dad and all the bonds that a loving family still imposes on you. Now no: now you and your home are in control, a universe of possibilities, a magnificent prism that reflects every day a thousand new colors of living your life.

And what's better than a new house, maybe just bought, or the first rent to pay, which gives you that electricity mixed with fear, the feeling of having finally gone to the head and therefore starting the new chapter of your life, the one that bears your surname on the intercom. So gather your thoughts, make a plan of everything that is missing to make sense of this new world to live in and start imagining how you would like to furnish your home: you put your ideas into it, we furnish them for you… For real!

Let's start from the entrance: you need a coat rack to hang your raincoat or the wonderful wool coat you bought on that site your best friend told you about, a wall console under a beautiful wall mirror, a simple but necessary table , to be used as a valet tray or as a space saver, where you will place your house keys on it (so you never lose them), a photo of your parents or your dog, a lamp for when you come back late in the evening, a colorful umbrella stand ..

And then it's the turn of the living room that maybe coincides with the kitchen, because to be the first home it's all you could afford but that's okay, a unique space that revolves around the most important moments of your life: a comfortable sofa where you can dive into. back from the gym, or when you organize pizza and movie evenings with your friends, a nice extendable fixed table with very comfortable and design chairs because the limited budget is ok, but who says that simple things are less important than expensive ones? And then everything you need to define the style, including decorative elements for your kitchen and that beautiful wall clock that reminds you in the morning while drinking your coffee that you will be late for work.

How to forget the bedroom: refuge, free zone, happy island, sweet idleness on Sunday morning when you realize that no one gives you timetables or you want to give them yourself, between a ray of sunshine that filters on the bedside table through the folds of the curtains, until you get straight on your closed eyes as you happily roll over between naps on the most comfortable bed in the world.

There is nothing more beautiful than deciding in complete autonomy how to live your spaces in your first home, your rhythms, your world enclosed in a key ring that you keep in your pocket, a passepartout for your conquered happiness.