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Furnish your own thing together

Living together and choosing your first couple furniture

Having met your soul mate and realizing that it is with her that you want to spend the rest of your life is a priceless feeling, right? Instead, describe to us that incredible feeling of having opened the door of your first home together, perhaps after having packed two hundred boxes and cartons, made a lot of trips in a rental van, full of dust and stress but with a smile that cannot be described. .. Describe the electricity in the air when you started to understand where and what to put in each room, which paintings to hang, how to assemble the bed, the desk, the bookcase, how to orient the table, in which corner of the house to put a lamp from the ground and because in the end she is always right in all the decisions you thought you had made by mutual agreement! The feeling of the first night in your first home is wonderful, that nest that slowly, with time, desire, dedication, takes shape to accommodate all that beautiful can happen in the years to come.

A living room where you can share your favorite movies and TV series, where the fight over the remote control is a must otherwise the evening won't start, a comfortable sofa where she always has her favorite seat that you can't dare to occupy, and you don't even do it when she is not there, a kitchen where you prepare your dinner together every night, always different, often a disaster, but always together.

A bedroom designed down to the last detail, from the armchair that you will cover with clothes to put on when you have to go out to dinner and no outfit convinces you (and in the meantime he waits, and waits, and waits, drumming his hands on the extendable glass table shining in the light of the colored chandelier that you obviously chose), sitting in a chair so comfortable that even that hour late doesn't bother him that much ..

And then the extra room, the empty one, which for now is the battle room, that place between an orderly life and total chaos, which serves as a laundry, a clothesline, a shed for moving things that you never reopened. from the boxes but that you keep there anyway, all a precise disorder where she always finds everything and you get lost instead.

The house that you furnish together month after month, that place that is home even when you start with just a bed, TV and dinner on the floor because there are no chairs .. That space enclosed within four walls, often not too big, that finally share with the person you love, that place that is synonymous with love, hopes, projects to be realized all drawn on a sheet on which you write the beginning of your love story together.