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The right furniture for the family

An evolved couple with children needs well-selected furniture designed by our partners

When you were single the spaces were all yours, which you decided to use according to your time, your desires and what you wanted to do at that precise moment: eat in bed while reading a book, a pizza on the sofa in front of the game, impromptu dinners, with friends who drop by for a quick beer and instead turn into wonderful nights of chatter and laughter.

From these moments when your life is completely in your hands, it happens that then you find the love of your life and then you transform your spaces into a world to share, where everything also becomes his, the routine as well as yours. spaces is lived completely together with another person who you have decided to be part of your world: a house that becomes a nest to be cared for, cultivated and slowly become the place of a new family that is born.

So what happens when the first child arrives? We tell you: that your whole life is completely resized, upset, rearranged on tears, sleepless nights, toys scattered around the house, and then strollers, cradles, swings, sterilizers, baby food sets, the first gym, the playpen for let the new undisputed star of the house play.

Do you know what is the first thought of our customers who rely on our ideas? That it would take an extra living room, an extra room, an extra house, maybe if it were possible even twenty-four more hours! But remaining on the theme of furniture, everything you had thought of for your home as a single suddenly becomes not very functional to the new world you have created: you need space-saving furniture for everything that a new arrival in the family brings with it, you also need objects that are not dangerous or harmful materials, or washable fabrics, furniture and furnishings that are proof against small pests!

You need an ad hoc solution to be able to share the world with your child and the house that was previously the love nest designed for you and the person you love: the solidity of a couple is essential to a life hand in hand with the their child, as well as the spaces in the house that have different specific functions for quiet living. Different spaces, different destinations. A bedroom is the universe of the couple, the living room is the battlefield where games rest on the floor, the study still remains that bulwark for your moments of freedom and decompression from the wonderful noise of happy little voices around the house that fill your eyes and your life.

And here we come in! Our choice of furniture includes a multitude of ideas that always meet your taste in style but also a very careful selection of everything that can help you tidy up the house invaded by games, toys, mismatched shoes or books open on the ground with very dangerous markers near the white walls: everything that is cluttered in the house, terrifies the most apprehensive mothers or that stumbles careless parents, finally finds its place when you have a home that is the perfect combination of style, functionality and comfort.