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Living room

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  • Decor TV stand made in Italy in melamine wood


    TV cabinet in melamine wood available in glossy lacquered white and oak finishes suitable for modern or stylish living rooms


    completely made of scratch-resistant melamine in oak or glossy lacquered white

    fronts made with checkerboard effect

    nr. 1 drawer

    nr. 2 doors with right / left reversible opening during assembly

    nr. 4 internal shelves

    nr. 1 open shelf in tempered glass

    top load max Kg. 30

    single shelf max load Kg. 10

    dimensions cm. L 180 P 42 H 57

    Made in Italy

  • Kross living room furniture by Tomasucci made of matt white lacquered mdf wood

    €252.20 €325.00

    Kroos living room furniture by Tomasucci made of matt white lacquered mdf wood and chromed metal tubes


    - made of matt white lacquered MDF 24 mm thick.

    - cm. H 45 x L 120 x P 30

    - useful space in the lower compartment H 18.5 cm.

    - useful space in the upper compartment H 18.5 cm

Living room furniture

Living room furniture for a unique and elegant style

A vast collection of furniture for the living room and for furnishing your living room designed to be modular and to be able to hang them as you like. All our furnishings for the living area are customizable . You can discover multipurpose equipped walls , TV stands , versatile bookcases to hold books , CDs , vinyls , photos . For lovers of living as a welcoming space, as well as relaxation , there is no shortage of sideboards , bar furniture and display cases in which to store dishes and glasses , display the best bottles of wine and champagne . Discover the new designs based on color and their arrangement, suitable for any style, designed to furnish large halls or to create wall solutions for open spaces

The modern and design living room

The living room is the most important room in the house and much lived in by all of us, where guests are welcomed, a family movie is watched and pleasant evenings are spent. The furnishing choices reflect the character of those who choose them. The presence of a living room furniture tends to occupy a large part of the available space but with our solutions you can choose space-saving furniture that is not very bulky. In a living room there are many elements that create compositions with various colors. And with a sense of movement that doesn't hurt. From shelves to totem bookcases , from sofas to lamps : many furnishing solutions to decorate and furnish the living room with the right and targeted objects. Of course, if we have a lot of space and the environment is brighter, but with the right color choices, even a small environment can be beautiful and practical. In nature, man needs to socialize with his fellow man, which is why in the evolution of the home and furnishings it has become necessary to create an environment in which to welcome people and guests. Called living room, history explains that already in ancient Rome the living room contained a table called lectus triclinaris , i.e. a wooden bed where they ate while lying down. A habit that vanished in the Middle Ages when the dining table was born. The nobles had large castles built with large dining rooms to welcome guests and organize receptions and ceremonies. The living area conceived as it is today, was born in the mid-1700s, when environments began to develop inside homes where there was privacy or where to listen to music or to have meals. With the arrival of the sofa from the East, the way of furnishing the house changed further. Today the living room is considered a multifunctional environment that contains the kitchenette , the living room and the study . For a single or a couple , dealing with the costs of furnishing the house is certainly very expensive, fortunately there are low-cost solutions to furnish the living room without breaking the bank. From the floor lamp , to the armchair , up to the coffee table : we find the possibility to use many types of materials such as the use of glass , steel and plastic materials which allows for low costs without having to give up furniture with an attractive design, perfect for a young and colorful environment. Furnishing a living room is not easy, we have to select design products with accurate details. Of course, by browsing our catalog among the different categories, you can choose from different types of items with different shapes and finishes. In case you should need it, here are some useful tips to enhance your space with the choice of furnishings and accessories . Today modern houses have limited spaces and to make it perfect, minimal and essential lines are recommended, without forgetting that lighting is an element that defines the interior. Once you have decided where to place the table, you can opt for pendant lamps or ceiling lamps perhaps with low energy consumption lamps .

How to furnish a living room

Here are some useful tips for decorating the living room. The living room is the heart of the house, a place for socializing and therefore the furniture must help create a welcoming atmosphere. When we talk about furniture, we mean both furniture and accessories such as: carpets , chandeliers , curtains and paintings that will decorate and enrich your spaces. So when you select the products imagine an evening in the company of friends and try to always choose suitable and very comfortable products to give your guests the best

Living room wall

Usually, the most popular is the equipped wall . Television , books , consoles , wifi speakers and knick-knacks will be arranged according to the spaces and you will be able to keep everything tidy. The equipped walls have the ability to take up little space but to contain many objects thanks to the generous size of the drawers and wall units even more than one meter high

Modern furniture

The main feature of the living room furniture is linearity. In terms of design , we offer you the most versatile shapes, so that you can compose the style you prefer. A modern piece of furniture is the desire to change and to play with finishes and details such as showcases or open compartments . Depending on the color of the walls in the living room and the accessories you choose, the furniture will always be a useful and functional element that contributes to the creation of your ideal style.


The sideboard is one of the pieces of furniture most tied to tradition which was used to contain the good service kept inside the grandmother's glass cabinet . Well, today modern sideboards are highly sought after for their elegance, vintage style and functionality. It is a versatile and spacious type of furniture, which adapts to those who need to find a place for any type of object such as plates , glasses , cutlery and all the possible provisions imaginable. As far as sideboards and sideboards are concerned, we really have no doubts that you won't be able to do without them.

TV cabinet

Modern furniture , Nordic style furniture , linear furniture or classic furniture , the TV stand has taken on many shapes and styles and remains one of the timeless pieces to create a welcoming living room . Today, thanks to modern TVs, we all know that they can be hung on the wall without wasting space, but the TV cabinet continues to be a point of reference for those who love vintage . Inside we can arrange the consoles as play stations , hide its wires or to store boxes and technological products. So practicality and functionality are combined for an environment with attention to every detail