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Modern bookcases or vintage style bookcases? Read our advice

The timeless charm of the bookshop

The bookcase is the icing on the cake of furnishing spaces because: it contains , decorates , and makes your spaces organized and pleasant to the eye. Home of books and culture , it is able to offer interpretative possibilities of its use such as containing cups , trophies and medals . In our catalog you will find furnishing solutions in the shape of a bookcase, accessories with a modern or minimalist character, each of which is studied and designed to make your spaces a real gem. By choosing the bookcase you also mix your own style, the one best suited to you and your furnishings , transforming the walls of your rooms into a composition of colors and geometric shapes that will amaze all your friends. Therefore, geometric games, visual effects and decorative compositions create these design pieces , essential in any environment to be furnished with elegance and refinement. Thanks to the shelves or cubes that make up your bookcase, the storage spaces are multiplied in solutions developed in height or length depending on your aesthetic tastes.

Colors and functionality of the library in your environments

For a long time the bookcase has been called simply as a book holder but we must not forget that it is an object of unique indispensability for its function as a container in the absolute sense. Photographs , memories , models , plants , the bookcase welcomes and contains a great variety of objects and memories such as running races , or five-a-side football tournaments or wedding or birthday photos which, if purchased in colored finishes, will bring out memories every time you look at it with an always vivid color.

Bookcases and the importance of design

Thanks to the designers and brands that we offer you, your bookcase becomes a real furnishing project , where you can express your relationship with order, with the organization of spaces combined with the objects that surround it such as sofa , table , chairs , lamps and other furnishing accessories . Pieces to be composed to interpret representative figures, becoming works of the inner world, with a touch of intimacy and customization. You can create a fake mess thanks to their modularity or you can give it a more minimal storage effect for your study . You can discover playful and colorful shapes or follow the latest trends in green solutions , with floral decorations with climbing plants that frame a complement that kasa-store recommends to its entire public

The library in terms of convenience and transparency

The choice of style is extremely important, precisely because thanks to the high quality of the manufacturing and material of the kasa-store proposals. A wide range of models that satisfy different needs and different types of research that combine comfort with transparency in case you install it as a room divider, giving light and depth to your spaces. Variants with retro tastes such as vintage bookcases, industrial bookcases and wooden bookcases up to modern and minimalist solutions, without backrests and with structures that give the idea of movement and dynamism. Also perfect as dividing elements, they are well suited to work areas, such as: offices , studios , waiting rooms and hotel lobbies . Thanks to the most innovative design of the products with kasa-store you can furnish your space with safe items made with the highest quality materials and which benefit from the solidity of the finest woods to the versatility and lightness of materials such as expanded polypropylene or honeycomb up to get to those made of metal such as iron and steel . Floor bookcases , wall bookcases , wooden or methacrylate and steel bookcases , among our accessories it is easy to find those that reflect your character and your needs for home or professional functionality.

Bookcases a colorful geometric game

The kasa-store bookcases never tire you and like small works of art they will enhance and give light to the corners of your home , enriching it with modernity . Plays of colors and shapes that mix with indestructible materials are the elements that will make your bookcase a discreet and stylish life companion, like a small cave where you can always find the treasure chest of your dearest memories . Furthermore, you will no longer have to accumulate and scatter objects throughout the house, but you will be able to keep everything tidy, thanks to sturdy shelves made by skilled craftsmen in the sector

Bookcases for all home furnishing styles

Contemporary bookcases , vintage design , industrial or classic style , kasa-store bookcases will adapt to your style. For interiors such as classic furnishings, you can opt for the solid wood bookcase which will give character and warmth to your living room or office. While if you want to give a little originality to your interiors , take the opportunity to see the steel bookcases and if you are a romantic person, don't miss the chabby chic bookcases to create a very intimate and private environment. We can also recommend placing it in the bedroom to enjoy a little more privacy in the sleeping area . kasa-store wooden bookcases are eternal because they are made with sturdy, thick materials designed to support even heavy objects. Furthermore, they are produced with materials that minimize the impact on the environment . Made of wood with FSC certification and with minimal use of solvents , these furniture allow you to accompany kasa-store in its commitment to the environment and the whole green world