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  • Tomaucci Ken Cement shoe cabinet with two single depth flap doors

    €268.32 €430.00

    Ken Cement shoe cabinet by Tomasucci made of melamine with two single-depth doors


    Dimensions in cm: Width 100 - Height 81 - Depth 25

    Materials: Melamine wood panels


    Structure: concrete

    Fronts: White Larch

  • Sarmog shoe cabinet with 3 single-depth flap doors available in various finishes


    Shoe cabinet with three folding doors by Sarmog with single depth available in various finishes. Safety magnets for closing doors


    Dimensions in cm: Width 63 - Height 117 - Depth 18

    Material: laminated chipboard

    Handle: satin chrome

    Capacity: 7 pairs of shoes

    Finishes: Flamed white - Light elm - Cement - Stelvio walnut - White oxide

  • Tomasucci Ken Cement scarpiera da ingresso

    €257.52 €444.00

    Ken Cement entrance by Tomasucci made of ecological wood panels ideal for your entrance hall


    • made with ecological panels of wood particles covered in cement-finish melamine

    • fronts covered in open pore White Larch melamine finish

    • Nr.1 drawer Width 31 cm

    • Nr.1 shoe rack Width 97 cm x height 35 cm

    • Nr.1 day compartment Width 31.5 cm x height 15 cm

    • Nr.6 coat hooks

    • Nr.1 mirror Height 75 cm x Width 30 cm

    • shoe rack element dimensions Height 73 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 25 cm

    • clothes hanger element dimensions Height 102 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 15 cm

  • Tomasucci Ken Wood entrance shoe rack

    €257.52 €444.00

    Ken Wood entrance shoe rack by Tomasucci made with ecological panels of wood particles covered in oak finish melamine, with fronts covered in matt white finish melamine.


    • Nr.1 drawer Width 31 cm

    • Nr.1 shoe rack Width 97 cm x Height 35 cm

    • Nr.1 day compartment Width 31.5 cm x Height 15 cm

    • Nr.6 coat hooks

    • Nr.1 mirror Height 75 cm x Width 30 cm

    • shoe rack element dimensions Height 73 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 25 cm

    • clothes hanger element dimensions Height 102 cm x Width 100 cm x Depth 15 cm

  • Niki shoe cabinet by Tomasucci with three doors made with ecological panels

    €289.39 €493.00

    Made with ecological panels of wood particles, structure covered in melamine with cement finish, flap doors + hinged door covered in melamine


    Dimensions in cm: Height 94 - Width 91.5 - Depth 27

    Materials: Ecological panels of wood particles, structure covered in melamine, flap doors + hinged door covered in melamine

    Finish: Concrete structure - doors in open pore white larch

Shoe racks to save space in your home

Choosing the right shoe rack for your home

Shoe racks are practical and elegant solutions for organizing shoes in an orderly manner. There are many places to put them such as in the entrance or corridor, the most sought-after type is the shoe rack with mirror and coat hanger for jackets and coats which is an impeccable solution. To take advantage of the available space, the Slim and Salvaspazio shoe racks are characterized by compartments with two shelves with a tilting opening, capable of holding up to 30 pairs of shoes. If, on the other hand, you have designer shoes, you can leave them on display by choosing a visible shoe rack, made with shelves and shelves allowing you to have them at hand. The shoe rack is not just a container to be made invisible: it can be a creative idea to transform a corner of your home by combining a wall mirror or a coat rack

Shoe cabinet and the passion for your shoes

A shoe rack or shoe cabinet is the must have of all shoe enthusiasts, with a shoe collection that continues to grow and always want to be in fashion. With a beautiful shoe cabinet from kasa-store , you can keep all your shoes neat and organized both by model and by use, and you will no longer be a victim of clutter and confusion. Discover our selection of shoe racks

Does the shoe rack have to be sturdy?

When we have many models of shoes , we want to buy a shoe rack that has to bear more weight, so it is important to choose a shoe rack that not only looks good, but is made of sturdy materials . In our catalog in the category shoe racks , we have different wooden products that suit your needs. Our shoe racks are very stylish yet affordable , and we can be sure that the designer shoe racks we offer will look fabulous in both your hallway and bedroom . If, on the other hand, you are single and have few shoes, you can buy a fabric shoe rack . This has the peculiarity of being very light and easy to move. However, wood remains the most popular solution when it comes to shoe racks. Wood has the advantage of blending with other furnishing accessories and being more elegant, which can be combined with any type of furniture. The fact remains even if much more beautiful, wood has a negative note in terms of its maintenance. If you want items that are more practical in their use and that are easy to clean and maintain, we recommend metal or plastic ones. Metal excels in its durability, and usually has a minimal, clean design that fits a modern style. Plastic or plexiglass is the other option, albeit a cooler and more transparent one. However, all the shoe racks that we offer are suitable for protecting shoes from dust and humidity

If you have a lot of shoes here is an idea for a large shoe rack

If you are a shoe collector , or a fashion enthusiast , it is important to consider a piece of furniture large enough to contain them. You may have multiple pairs of shoes, so a locker may seem like the right choice. Are you a serial shoe buyer? Kasa-store always has the solution for your needs, and we can advise you to choose a shoe rack with large compartments in order to always have space for your new purchases. Size is the most important thing to consider when choosing your new shoe rack or shoe closet. Your home has limited space, so you need to make sure it actually has enough space to accommodate your piece of furniture , which will fit all of your shoes. Don't worry, we have the right solution for you with all the measures to customize each space

Take the measurements and start looking for the right shoe rack

When you have the wrong measurements you can choose where to place the piece of furniture. Usually, a shoe rack is placed in the hallway or bedroom. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to measure the dimensions of the wall where the piece of furniture will be installed. With the wall measurement, you can find the suitable furniture size. Otherwise you can opt for shoe racks that aren't meant to take up the entire length of a wall. Consider carefully the depth of the shoe rack, which generally has a depth of 33 centimeters , it works for most people if instead you want to store your shoes in the box you need deeper

Furnish your home with the display of your shoes

The shoe rack is also used as a display of your shoe collection. If you are a lover of designer shoes, you probably want to show off your precious collection. By placing them at a less close distance from each other, it ensures that each pair of shoes can be displayed in an elegant and non-casual way. Why hide your sneakers , boots or high heels ? At kasa-store , we believe that you have to show off your shoes with pride, without denying yourself the comfort of having everything at hand and quickly picking them up to go to your appointment. If, on the other hand, you want to be more discreet you can put them in your wardrobe and this will help you keep all your shoes well organized and use your space in the most efficient way. We also have stackable shoe racks to optimize space

What is the suitable design to choose?

It's not just about the size but the right balance with the beauty and design suitable for your home . Every guest will see it upon entering your home. So it must be discreet and in strong combination with the existing furnishings. How do you choose the right one? Let's try to imagine it in the corridor or at the entrance , it should preferably be made of wood for a feeling of furniture and not a container, as indeed if you are buying it for your bedroom, it will have to match the double bed and the chest of drawers . Walnut seems to be the most suitable for a retro-style room , while if you have a modern room , the metal shoe rack is recommended.

Keep things organized with a shoe rack

If you are a very tidy person and want to organize your spaces, a shoe rack is exactly what you need. You can keep it behind closed doors. Remember that a shoe rack is efficient when it comes to space . Think that with the help of the shoe rack you can say goodbye to clutter and shoes around the house.

Buy your shoe rack online at kasa-store

With us, you are spoiled for choice . We have a large selection of shoe racks and shoe racks in various materials, sizes and designs. And if you want to furnish all your spaces, we also offer design furnishing accessories , such as sofas , tables , chairs , footrests , TV stands , and much more. We help our audience to decorate their homes and premises in an elegant and affordable way