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Textiles for bedrooms

The right choice for bedroom furniture can only be found on Kasa-Store

Bedroom textiles are the most sought-after elements for children's bedrooms . These are all those products that are the creators of a radical change in the style of your children 's bedroom and help to liven up the room and make it cheerful and playful . In fact, the children's room should be welcoming and tidy both in terms of colors and style. This is why it is important to buy high - quality textiles , to guarantee that your child will rest in certified and non - toxic materials , without incurring bad respiratory or skin allergies . In fact, what you will have to do is make sure that the manufacturer holds certificates suitable for European legislation. However, what we can recommend are linen and cotton . But let's take a closer look at the characteristics of these two vegetable fibers . Starting from linen, which is a very refined fabric of vegetable origin . It is used for making curtains , with its peculiarity of being hypoallergenic , therefore very suitable for children's bedrooms and bedrooms . The other type of material is cotton , also made from vegetable fibres, less expensive than linen and therefore accessible to all wallets . Suffice it to say that today cotton is used for many uses, as well as for furnishings and also in the fashion field. For example, you can also coordinate with a duvet cover for children

Textiles for bedrooms and its history

A product that comes from a long history, also exhibited in the best museums , which tell us about customs and traditions . Kasa-Store has a wide range of excellent products made by the major companies both Made in Italy and Made in Europe which are two guarantees in terms of safety and quality . We all know that Italy is in the top positions in this sector, alongside countries such as France or England , which are also rich in techniques and history. In Northern Italy the first factories for the processing of silk and vegetable materials were created, where artisan women took care of the weaving . It then developed largely in Prato with strong growth in exports. Today we can still admire its history in the Prato Textile Museum , where you can see the type of material with which weavers worked. Kasa-store has a large assortment, but the best-selling products are blankets and sheets with prints from the Formula 1 motif for aspiring car pilots children . All obviously high quality products, which can be combined with car-shaped beds and garage-shaped wardrobes . If we take a leap into the past we know that the ancient Romans decorated with luxurious curtains and carpets

Textiles for bedrooms and cushions

If your son or daughter wants to have peaceful dreams , buy Kasa-Store cushions . Spoiled for choice. You can opt from super hero pillows or princess themed pillows . They are all products that bear the signature of the most famous cartoons in history such as Cars , Spider -Man, Thomas the Train and for girls they range from Peppa Pig , Frozen and Disney Princesses . Imagine your boy or girl's bed dressed up with blankets and pillows of their favorite heroes . It would be their greatest joy, and they will be able to sleep alongside their heroes, dreaming of fantastic worlds and Formula 1 driver tracks. In addition to various printed figures, they can also have the opportunity to choose pillows in the shape of bananas and other shapes such as cute little animals or stars . Obviously, in addition to prints for the little ones, we can also satisfy the older ones with classic prints with a geometric design or in a solid color , made with solid products and with a strong resistance to UV rays to ensure the coloring is always lively and on. It is a thermoprinting application which is carried out with a press which will make the image indelible

Duvet cover and blankets

Why not cover it up to change your look? The cotton used to make it is hypoallergenic and ideal for your little ones. It can be chosen in various motifs, combining it with the furnishings of the bedroom . If you buy it, you will have a total look for the bedroom combined with pirates or cartoons to give your children the best.

Cradles and changing tables with bumpers

We also have a wide range of cots and changing tables for babies where you can find excellent quality products dedicated to babies . Bumper cushions are essential to ensure the safety of your little ones . These coverings are designed to be removable and washable with a special zip to eliminate dust or stains. Prints in the shape of horses or butterflies for boys or girls

Textiles combined with carpets

In addition to sheets , blankets and duvets , carpets cannot be missing in a themed bedroom . Furnishing elements, useful for decorating and for your child to play in complete safety. A support that allows him to sit comfortably on the ground and to have fun with his favorite games . Kasa-Store is very attentive to the health of your children, in fact, in addition to worrying about the colors and shapes, we are very meticulous in the choice of materials which must also comply with EU regulations . Once this has been verified, we can dedicate ourselves to their desire to play and liveliness. We also recommend combining colors and materials with the cushions, in order to create a real themed bedroom. All our carpets for bedrooms are tested to be both cool in summer and warm in winter, as they are made with the latest generation materials which also guarantee daily use. We also have many variations of sizes and shapes such as rectangular rugs or round rugs to choose from depending on the space you have available. You can decide whether to place it in the middle of the room or as a bedside rug . The patterns are many, such as the carpet in the shape of a car track . In short, with the carpets that are found in the textile category for the bedroom, you can really give free rein to your imagination and personalization. So don't deprive your child of having fun in harmony and safety and trust Kasa-Store for bedroom furniture