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Toilet brushes

Kasa-Store toilet brush functionality and design come together for a piece of furniture with attention to every detail

The toilet brush is a piece of furniture or an essential bathroom accessory for our bathroom. The toilet brush is usually placed on the floor next to the toilet , but there are suspended models which, thanks to the bathroom stands, have a bidet holder and a built-in paper holder suitable for space- saving solutions, or you can find it on the wall fixed with special wall plugs . Over the years the evolution of this object has perfected and the manufacturing companies have created design items suitable for furnishing luxurious and very chic environments . In the past they were made of plastic to be useful but not valuable. Today there are numerous models and you can find them in brass , steel or other more expensive materials to give your bathroom a neat and clean look.

Toilet brushes, design objects for luxury furnishings

A piece of furniture that over time has contributed to giving importance to your bathroom. Many national and international companies are always looking for new designs and functional and elegant products. Kasa-Store offers you a wide range of products to furnish your bathroom and you can find: wooden toilet brushes , chrome toilet brushes, plastic toilet brushes to furnish the bathroom of your home or that of your hotel . Passing from the classic wooden toilet brush to metal, the design of modern toilet brushes finds a more captivating aesthetic given by nice shapes such as umbrella handles or others in the shape of cute little animals . If we think of starred hotels , they are always looking for well-made products with characteristics that can satisfy their customers. These features are, for example, ease of cleaning , in fact many models have a water container that is emptied and disinfected every time. So if you still think it's a secondary product you're wrong. The toilet brush represents the possibility of maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the toilet . Its primary function of cleaning is mixed with the aesthetic one. So if you want a well-kept bathroom, you can't do without it. In fact, in the bathroom we are dedicated to cleaning and hygiene. It allows you to eliminate the faecal residues present inside the toilet, making the bathroom clean and sanitized . In all cases, the bathroom furniture must be in line with the furnishings of the whole house and must express the personality of those who live there. We have therefore selected toilet brushes in different materials, prices, styles and colors, just to satisfy all tastes.

Kasa-Store design toilet brushes and historical hints

Xylospongium is an ancient tool, the predecessor of the modern toilet brush. It consisted of a wooden rod in Ancient Greek: ξύλον, xylon «wood» with a sponge at the end in Ancient Greek: σπόγγος, spòngos, sponge. This product was also called tersorium