Cabinets and wardrobes

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Cabinets and wardrobes

Cabinets of all types available in various finishes and models

Are you looking for a wardrobe for your bedroom? Kasa-Store has the solution for you. A wide range of multi - door wardrobes and walk - in closets , perfect for tidying up all your clothes and suits . Many types of wardrobes and different styles to personalize your bedroom and to ensure that it is always functional and well distributed. Browse our catalog to discover all the new trends for bedroom furniture

Closet or wardrobe how to choose it

The first thing to evaluate of course is the space you have available. Then we move on to the stylistic choice of your wardrobe which can be three-door or four-door , considering the fact that the space to be dedicated refers to the amount of clothes you have and its arrangement. If your bedroom has to fit in a small space, we recommend wardrobes with sliding doors , suitable for greater ease of access and movement. If, on the other hand, you have a lot of space, you can decide to buy a wardrobe with hinged doors with various shelves and objects such as chests of drawers and tie racks

The wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture for tidying up with style

If you can't create a walk-in closet , opt for a wardrobe. The wardrobe will be essential for storing your undergarments and not. Thanks to many structural solutions such as space-saving compartments . After finding the right balance of space and arrangement, you'll need to choose the design and finish that fits your bedroom. In our catalog you will find: classic wardrobes, modern wardrobes, industrial wardrobes, bedroom wardrobes and many other products with glossy or opaque finishes to give the right shade to the environment itself.

Cabinets and types of structures

Kasa-Store offers wardrobes with simple , louvred or sliding doors , drawers , shelves and bars for hanging clothes . Many types of models with characteristics suitable for all needs. If you are a classic style lover, you can choose a walk-in closet or a handcrafted wardrobe. If, on the other hand, you prefer the vintage style, you cannot miss the section of industrial wardrobes also suitable for children 's bedrooms.

Closet and where to put it

Some notions for positioning the wardrobe . It all depends on the layout of the room but also on the furnishings already present. For example, the wardrobe in the bedroom is generally placed in front of or next to the bed, to allow you to move around without hindrance. Instead, it shouldn't be placed near a door, so as not to have problems entering the room. You must also take into consideration the available space around, you must be able to move freely, even with the doors open. Once positioned, you will be able to enjoy its comfort and its stylistic beauty that reflects your character.