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Complements and outdoor furniture. Resol was born 50 years ago in Spain as a manufacturer of sternum furniture and thanks to the collaboration of famous designers it manages to keep up with the market both in the design sector and is always looking for new materials for the creation of indestructible and weatherproof products. . It boasts a vast commercial and production network and thanks to its gigantic structure of 40,000 square meters, it satisfies all kinds of requests by shipping around 300 containers worldwide every year. The product as well as being made is also tested with strict standards respecting all the standards to have all the certifications suitable for the marketing itself such as Fira, CSQ, Catas and other certificates that make them a real elite company. Quality and solidity are always first

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Loungers for swimming pools, chairs, tables and other accessories built not to be destroyed

Made with cutting-edge machinery, we recommend them as the top of the range and you can test that they are truly indestructible

Resol products are varied and range from PVC tables, polypropylene chairs, umbrellas for swimming pools or gardens and you can find many other products for the garden line in our online catalog. We have selected all the best-selling products to have a very wide range of choices and to better furnish your outdoor spaces like a real 5-star hotel. The comfort and design of these products have allowed Resol to achieve many awards such as: Delta del plata award, Gold Award Miff, Interior Innovation Award and Platinum Award Miff. So do not doubt the product as it is made by a company now very famous on the whole world panorama