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Modern, designer or vintage pendant lamps: the best to light up your home

Interior design enthusiasts know how important it is to take care of the lighting in a room.
A house becomes even more reassuring and welcoming thanks to a quality chandelier: there is nothing nicer, at the end of a hard day's work, than coming home to find the rooms well lit, permeated by a soft, relaxing, intimate light. We at kasa-store will help you identify the best hanging lamps, versatile and original solutions in every context. We provide retro, essential, sophisticated, simple, classic and modern models to suit every need. A wide range of exceptionally elegant products, designed to catch the eye with their pure, clean lines and to make your rooms more functional, comfortable, with attention to detail.

An extensive assortment of indoor lamps

Take a look at the catalogue on our e-commerce site: you will be amazed at such a wide, complete and transversal selection! Incredibly varied articles in terms of style, colours, materials, shapes and sizes, but all capable of blending in with the rest of the furnishings to scenic and harmonious effect. What about a hanging lamp with a cruet shape, made of matt black enamelled metal? A sober but refined option, a real touch of class for your living area or study. And what about the splendid Dream, a dream in name and in fact, whose dragon silhouette winks at the gothic and leaves whoever looks at it open-mouthed? Among the pendant lamps available for purchase on kasa-store we propose the exclusive Pot, inspired by the timeless tea ceremony, and the very nice Aralia, unmistakable in its methacrylate structure. There are also, of course, more traditional alternatives, such as Moby with a metal coating and Terminal, in galvanised steel, solid and shiny.Modern pendant lamps, vintage pendant lamps, lamps with a contemporary, industrial, medieval, antique or Victorian flavour. Which type do you prefer for your home? The choice is yours!

Ecological, robust and safe materials

Every single lamp offered in our store is manufactured with the best raw materials available on the market. Resistant, green, eco-sustainable surfaces, a real guarantee of safety and longevity. An excellent investment for the present and future of your home, which will always be perfectly lit in full respect of nature and your well-being. Designer pendant luminaires from kasa-store give indoor spaces a real touch of magic. Architectures designed by creative minds, which combine art and rationality to create a unique result. Minimal, balanced yet eclectic forms; objects that last over the years without deteriorating, being insensitive to wear and tear, to temperature changes. Practicality, comfort, aesthetics. None of these standards are compromised in our pendant lamps. High performance is combined with considerable savings, as the devices are built according to state-of-the-art technology and designed to limit consumption and waste. 

Lamps that enhance any space

You should also know that the products in our shop are extraordinarily flexible, suitable for any room thanks to their geometric lines. The catalogue includes pendant lamps for the kitchen, bathroom and living room; pendant lamps for the bedroom, study and all other areas of the home. The catalogue includes pendant lamps for the kitchen, bathroom and living room; pendant lamps for the bedroom, the study and all other areas of the home. Don't forget the models for children's rooms, such as Avion, which imitates the look of an aeroplane with lights under the wings, and the sensational Clown chandelier - the coloured glass balloons are truly magnificent, and will take your children's breath away! kasa-store supplies are also ideal for public, commercial and industrial places, for offices, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops. Imagine walking into a shop as a customer and looking at such a wonderful lamp! Each item is made using the most meticulous manufacturing processes, and is designed to combine beauty and comfort. Our professional and efficient team is ready to help you find the right pendant lamp for you.
A designful pendant system will light up a room but at the same time furnish adding a personal style to the space. This lighting system can furnish a room or a little corner and the perfect illumination is assured by a dimmer that is included in almost all lamps. On our website you can find modern lighting system: modern floor lamps for the living room, lamps for the bedroom, for a kitchen and modern chandelier for every rooms. Find out the best offers. We have selected for you the most elegant systems that can add value to the room. Precious brands that assure solid and resistant materials, Italian piece of furniture to furnish your house. Kasa-store suggests the best floor lamp to satisfy every exigencies. Take a look at our suggested items, our website keeps you up to date on our offers.