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Chests of drawers and tallboys

Kasa-Store chests of drawers and tallboys suitable for bathroom, bedroom or hall

Let's start from the point of view that the chest of drawers is a functional piece of furniture . Born from the need to store objects , clothing or documents , suitable for environments such as the living room, bedroom or entrance . It is usually purchased for the bedroom, due to its many drawers , it also lends itself to being a pleasant support surface for table lamps , paintings , ornaments or vases , but in particular to organize all its compartments and separate our objects or clothing .

Modern chests of drawers and vintage style chests of drawers

In an environment with a classic style , a chest of drawers is preferred, with sinuous shapes and workmanship that enhance the grain of the wood . They are usually made of solid wood , rich in inlays , patinas and aged finishes that enhance their craftsmanship . The linearity of modern chests of drawers can be found in much more minimal products decorated with handles in chromed metal or polished brass , tops enhanced by the use of different and important materials such as marble and glass .

The three knights dresser chests of drawers and tallboys protagonists of your bedroom

You will not be able to do without these three elements. Their main function is to hold clothing such as sweaters , shirts , underwear or bedding . Dressers are basically proposed in groups or combined with bedside tables . All these products can be combined and are chosen by size and use. Kasa-Store offers you the best selection of all, to furnish your room with style and elegance

How to choose the right one

To choose the right chest of drawers , there are many aspects to take into account. You will have to evaluate whether you will need tall and deep drawers for linen such as the bedroom or children's rooms , while lower drawers will be sufficient to accommodate smaller items for the entrance or living room . In bedrooms or studios , we recommend plastic chests of drawers or chests of drawers with wheels that will be easily positioned or moved at any time without effort and you will take advantage of its practicality