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Children's toy boxes and toy baskets

Colorful and nice toy boxes that can be combined with all the bedroom furniture

The toy container is practical and useful for the children 's bedroom, a real space- saving accessory , functional for keeping toys and other objects in order . You can find it in different sizes, more or less bulky, with an original and cheerful design . They are suitable to take on vacation or to play friends. You will be able to teach your child to keep all his favorite games in order, but especially the Lego or Playmobil constructions which are always the most scattered around their bedroom. Children like to play, take out all their toys, like skates and toy cars . These games can sometimes be dangerous for the child himself, as well as for the adult who finds himself cleaning up.

Why buy them

The toy basket represents the simplest, most functional and cheapest solution for all parents who often find themselves struggling with clutter. Kasa-Store offers you multiple models and sizes to contain any type of object. To begin with the classic toy chest , which is nothing more than a box open at the top, very easy to assemble and use, available in different colors and patterns. A toy chest capable of containing different types of toys, also suitable for the more robust and angular ones. The materials used for the baskets are usually washable cotton canvas , held rigid by the structure around the basket. You can also find other toy box items, with more generous dimensions as in the case of the wooden toy box . Available in various nice and colorful patterns such as firefighters or pirate chests . A cheerful and colorful space-saving solution that allows you to have a tidy bedroom in harmony with its character. So choose which is the one that best suits the bedroom furniture , we have some for boys and girls with prints of various kinds, both romantic and themed racing cars that can be combined with princess beds or car-shaped beds . All our suppliers guarantee the product as safe and not harmful to the health of your little ones in compliance with the standards of European and EC laws