Floor and free-standing coat hanger

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Floor hanger and support

Kasa-Store coat hanger for all needs and types of design

We all know that a designer coat stand is a versatile and functional solution for keeping your entryway tidy. Discover our selection of coat hangers, unique and iconic products made by the best design brands. Select which coat stand you want and add it to your cart.

Coat hanger and some historical notions

Throughout history the coat hanger , as we understand it, has distant roots in time. Going back to the nineteenth century we find the first testimonies, when the ladies had to hang up their bulky clothes. Arriving in the early 1900s, this complement had its initiation into the industrialization of the product. The coat hanger has evolved both in terms of materials and different designs. The commonly used materials are wood , but with the evolution of the thing they have also been produced in metal or plexiglass .

Coat hanger or coat rack?

We find the difference in the name with the change of the structure because the coat hangers are made with a very slender and linear floor design while the coat hangers are enclosed in a structure like a piece of furniture that has special coat hangers and usually we find an underlying chest suitable as an entrance furniture . All the products we offer have a different design, ranging from the more modern one in plexiglass to the industrial design one in solid wood .

Entrance hall and office furnished with style

These complements are very suitable for both offices and entrances , as they are able to furnish all environments. There are also wall -mounted ones in various shapes and are useful for those who don't have much space and don't want to miss out on comfort