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Brunetti chairs, wooden chairs, vintage chairs, metal chairs, armchairs, sofas and many other items produced by Brunetti Sedie , a leading company in the sector since 1969 which every day undertakes to create vintage products but in a modern key using eco-sustainable materials in compliance with health of people and of nature itself. The quality and resistance to daily wear and tear are a guarantee as they are produced by expert and knowledgeable craftsmen in the sector. So if you are looking for quality here is a wide range of products to select from

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Brunetti is a highly listed and sought-after company by all professionals in the sector such as architects and interior design

We want to offer you these products because this company is truly an important element in the production of chairs in Italy

Quality and sturdiness are never underestimated because it is precisely the strong point of Brunetti Sedie which has been producing elegant and well-maintained chairs for 50 years and their culture has been handed down from generation to generation to continue with the theory that all of us Italians have i.e. to always give the best and guarantee its quality even if at slightly higher prices which will be repaid in the future. Sinuous lines and reinterpretations of vintage armchairs or chairs are the strength of their sale. Many wooden products are made in solid wood and all the coverings are in fine fabrics that will help you clean both the chairs and the armchairs or sofas easily. The charm of the classic is always sought after because it never goes out of fashion and always looks good and it is possible to combine it with stylish or modern environments thanks to new finishes and colours. So don't doubt the Italian know-how and buy Brunetti chairs products now and brag to your friends that you haven't bought a cheap product from large retailers