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A wide range of interior lighting items such as wall lamps, floor lamps, pendant lamps and many others. All products made in Italy by Ferroluce which is a leader in the production of chandeliers. All the products in our catalog are designed to illuminate your spaces, enriching and decorating them with both a modern and stylish design and some are also suitable for Nordic furnishings because they have a metal structure and other details in ceramic or wood. Buy them to furnish your spaces with a piece of Italian craftsmanship and to distinguish yourself from those who furnish with cheap and poor quality products

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Ferroluce ceramic chandeliers for interiors

The production is Italian and Ferroluce always offers chromatic articles with refined finishes

Every day it undertakes to design and create new lamps to best furnish your spaces with high quality and indestructible products. A long history of generations tells the desire to always offer refined items that will decorate your spaces with a unique and unmistakable style. Skilled craftsmen will be able to customize any of your customization requests both in terms of shapes and finishes using materials such as ceramics , brass , finishing them in the finishes you prefer. To date, the flexibility of the company allows it to be much sought after also by architects to furnish both hotels and other structures such as farmhouses and restaurants . When we choose the furniture for our home we would like to find durable and time-resistant products and therefore Ferroluce is the company you were looking for to be able to entrust your future to the hands of master potters who will be able to amaze you with their ability to create incomparable products. Each product has its own story and we want to pass it on to continue the production of small works of art

Ferroluce ceramic lamps

Ceramic lamps for a welcoming home. Transforming a home into a welcoming hearth with handmade products . Lighting is important because it creates a soft atmosphere. If you were looking for ceramic lamps, Ferroluce has the best in the category. You will find wall lamps, ceiling lamps, suspension lamps rigorously made in Italy made by skilled craftsmen and decorated by hand . The ceramic lamps are designed to furnish and illuminate vintage environments such as cottages and farmhouses but the vast range of Ferroluce products also includes a modern and colorful line to decorate modern environments such as the living room, bedroom and night clubs such as pubs and breweries .

Ferroluce retro lamps

Do you want a lamp to create an atmosphere in your room? Choose a ceramic floor lamp with a fabric shade and it will instantly remind you of the retro era.

Ferroluce classic lamps

Get a timeless design for your interior . Choose a chandelier if you want to add some sparkle to your room but with a shabby finish. A simple but floral patterned pendant lamp is just the right option for your dining area or bedroom . Then continue to decorate with navy style table lamps in brass .