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Furnishing accessories, tables and chairs. HORM offers a highly sought-after style called contemporary design where Mediterranean, Japanese or Scandinavian styles are mixed, all in an artisan key for craftsmanship and the know-how of Made in Italy. Many products are aimed at the residential market, where success is not long in coming due to the ability to offer more and more high quality items with a modern and refined design. Dedicated to a conscious public who wants to furnish its rooms with an exclusive and refined character, combining aesthetics, functionality and quality of the materials. A real high quality product to furnish your spaces with armchairs such as the Mass Pressure or the Soho armchair that immediately make it clear that it is a product repositioned in the high-end and of an excellent value

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Furnish spaces by creating emotions with an unmistakable design

Award-winning company for design and quality boasts of famous designers such as Karim Rashid, Mario Botta, Palomba and many others

A product segment that faces the market for the housing sector and wants to amaze a public increasingly attentive to current fashions with shapes and materials and want to furnish its spaces with high-end products and give a sense of elegance to its environments such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other areas that require functional and very resistant products. An eclectic style where furniture becomes accomplices for everyday use and is interpreted by cosmopolitan and avant-garde influences for a pop design. The furniture becomes the protagonist of your emotions bringing you back to past times where everything was in line with a civilization dedicated to furnishing with functional and minimal products. Horm products are designed to offer the pleasure of being lived and enjoy their charm and comfort, being suitable for both stylish and modern environments.