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Desk, table, wall clocks. Modern and design watches

Marking time, but with style. Who said a watch should only tell the time?! It is to all intents and purposes a piece of furniture, a distinctive sign of style and design . An object to show off with pride and to combine with the furniture of the internal environment. Whether it's a wall clock, table clock, desk clock, it helps to decorate your home. There are many styles available, all of them design. On our site you can choose the one that best suits your environment. The mechanisms meet everyone's needs. From those who prefer mechanical ones, to those who prefer technology and innovation. In addition to being a functional, practical and decorative object , the clock has always been considered an excellent and appreciated gift. Kasa-store offers many solutions, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones, but all united by undisputed quality .

Originality and imagination for the passage of time. Discovering desk, table and wall clocks. Modern and design

The clock is no longer simply a mechanism that marks the passing of the hours and time. It has now become a design object, a distinctive sign, a piece of furniture that gives style and, why not, eccentricity . On our site you will find many ideas and suggestions to beautify the rooms of your home. A characteristic and original example is Fuso . A nice table or desk clock. Simulates a melted object, despite having a defined shape and attention to detail. It is made of resin and hand decorated by Italian artisans. There are three colors available: white, black or glossy red. A Made in Italy object appreciated and perfect in modern and contemporary environments.

One of the many wall clocks for the boys' room

You can literally hang your shoes on the wall. Sure, it's not just any shoe, but a reproduction of a Converse . This is a one of a kind, very original and imaginative wall clock. Made of resin and meticulously hand decorated by professional craftsmen. All proudly Made in Italy. Available in several colors, it boasts a German UTS quartz mechanism.

Better than a painting, there is only a wall clock

Decorative, as well as useful and functional. It is the Goccia wall clock. Extravagant and eccentric, it is perfect for giving a touch of originality and style to your rooms. With attention to the smallest details, it is an example of how art meets everyday life. This piece of furniture is also a pride of Made in Italy and is available in many different shapes and colors.

Professionalism and reliability

Choosing kasa-store as a supplier means relying on industry professionals with years of experience. We are at the service of all of you customers, lovers of beauty and quality . We guarantee deliveries on time and maximum availability for any requests for support, information and doubts.