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Di Lazzaro Chairs, Tables and Consoles. The all-Italian company that produces furnishing accessories was born as an artisan reality and over time, establishing itself on the market, became a true icon for lovers of the sector. Always attentive to the fashions and demands of the moment, it continually produces new products at very reasonable prices with very high quality. Its design is forged by experience and valuable collaborators such as interior designers and architects.

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Di Lazzaro is synonymous with sturdy chairs and extendable tables

Very attentive to quality, they distinguish themselves thanks to the Italian know-how with a unique and incomparable design

The materials used for the realization are very noble such as steel for the table runners and solid wood for the structures and tops. Many new finishes such as the Vintage one which recalls Chabby environments but there are many modern products in our catalog with a more contemporary design. The sector requires more and more commitment to design and manufacture but it is certainly not a company that poses this problem because it is always at the forefront both in terms of products and in terms of quality of materials and paints used as non-toxic and respectful of the environment itself, always having a compatibility between price and excellent quality that adapts to any type of public and wallet. Do not doubt because Italian craftsmanship is recognized all over the world

Di Lazzaro Kitchen Tables

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen table to match your decor? you can count on Di Lazzaro to browse a complete catalog ideal for every type of need and furnishing style. You can select modern and versatile kitchen models or elegant ones for living and dining rooms. For example, you can choose a classic wooden kitchen table , available in many types of materials such as beech , fir or solid wood , excellent for giving a sense of welcome to your home. Di Lazzaro tables are the ideal solution to be able to fully satisfy your every need and are made in the finishes that best match a type of modern or classic style furniture, perfect for those who want to impress their guests with a complement with a timeless style . For those who love transparency and modern design, here is a selection of glass kitchen tables , with painted or chromed metal structure and tempered glass top , extendable tables are also available to accommodate more people. Purchasing the kitchen table from the Di Lazzaro line means bringing home a piece of Italian craftsmanship. Among the many kitchen tables that we offer you will surely find the most suitable model to give your home that touch of style, also ideal for your guests. The kitchen is the place where we get together every day with the family or with one 's partner so it is a living area not to be underestimated and furnished with a personal and refined style

Di Lazzaro Living Tables

Do you want to furnish your modern living room with glass and crystal dining tables ? Di Lazzaro has thought of a modern line to furnish your spaces just as you wanted. You can find many such as transparent and elegant, a living room table with a glass top is a modern and minimal option for the dining room which will have a sense of elegance and delicacy. Models with a contemporary design with metal or wood and crystal structure that will find the right place in your spaces with soft colors of the Scandinavian style. Extendable dining tables with rotating mechanism which for Di Lazzaro is one of the trendy looks that made the company very famous precisely for this innovation. Designed by skilled designers, they have decided to use refined materials such as glass- ceramic or other types of regenerable hobs. You can indulge yourself in many sizes and dimensions such as a round, square or rectangular dining table, the choice of top depends only on your taste, but also on the space. A round top is able to optimize the space occupied by guaranteeing the practicality of sinking the chairs as a space saver for smaller rooms while a square table offers similar advantages in larger spaces. In large rooms and without particular structural constraints, the choice often falls on rectangular , oval and elliptical models, able to accommodate many diners and to give the grandeur of a large top and an important base. So if you want the best, buy a Di Lazzaro product now to get the best of Made in Italy