Bags and poufs in various fabrics

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Bags and poufs in various fabrics

Original, with all different prints : from the nicest and funniest to the most modern and contemporary ones. The bags and poufs in various fabrics that we offer on our site are adaptable to any interior environment. They have the particularity of giving a touch of style and exclusive design . Funny faces, prints of big cities and metropolises, or simple patterns and monochrome. There are many fabrics available, including the most innovative and waterproof ones. In short, everyone will be satisfied: everyone has their own session. The bags and poufs in various fabrics present on kasa-store are made of different fabrics, but still of high quality. Washable, waterproof, indoor or outdoor. Your every single need can be satisfied.

The unmissable models of bags and poufs in various fabrics: you just have to choose

The proposals are many and all different from each other. Whether you prefer a classic shape rather than an extravagant and eccentric one, that's no problem: on kasa-store you'll find what's right for you! Ideal for living rooms, offices, bedrooms or outdoors, the nylon upholstered pouffe bag lends itself well to being placed in any environment. The padding is made up of internal polystyrene spheres. The shape is the classic teardrop one and you can choose from 11 different colors! The fabric is completely removable and hand washable. A real piece of furniture that can be integrated with many different environments.
For children or slightly grown-up adults, there is a line of cylindrical WhatsApp emoticon poufs . One of the many bags and poufs in various fabrics that give a touch of irony and sympathy to the environment. Also ideal for playrooms and waiting rooms or professional studios (paediatrics, playrooms, etc). Waterproof and rub resistant.

Elegant bags and poufs

With a modern style and shapes. Made with a fine microfiber fabric, stain-resistant and water-repellent. Completely removable and washable. We are talking about the Luxor bean bag. One of the best bags and poufs in various fabrics, like a giant drop it envelops you giving you moments of absolute relaxation.
In faux leather, 12 different colours, one of the most comfortable seats. It is the maxi large pouf beanbag . Thanks to the fine fabric upholstery that gives it elegance, you can also place it in refined environments without having to give up a touch of modernity and comfort. What best characterizes this pouf armchair are the technical details and finishes, with attention to the smallest details. The padding of polystyrene spheres is wrapped in a second internal lining in fabric, so as to make it more compact. Thanks to an almost invisible hinge, it can be removed in just a few moves. The bag is completely removable and hand washable. A cloth and neutral soaps are sufficient.

Quality and attention to detail

The watchword of kasa-store is quality. Or rather, high quality. Our entire team of experts works hard every day to offer you only the best products on the market. Those that boast high quality not only in shapes and style, but also in materials and finishes. We are constantly looking for Made in Italy producers, as we are convinced that our craftsmen excel in fabric processing. We pay the utmost attention to all details, even the smallest ones. Beauty and quality are at home in our online store.