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Bags and poufs in various fabrics

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  • Ogo Flower out floating pouf in the shape of a flower


    Flower pouf by Ogo Furniture made in Agorà 3D fabric suitable for outdoor and water use


    Dimensions in cms:

    Flower S: Width 72 - Height 17

    Flower L: Width 110 - Height 25

    Materials: Agorà 3D fabric - Padding: polystyrene beads suitable for water

    Finishes: Sand - Red - White - Green - Mustard


  • La Seggiola Bill pouf and outdoor table


    Bil is really comfortable and functional because you can use it as a pouf or as an outdoor table


    Upholstery: High quality gray fabric WASHABLE WITH NON REMOVABLE COVERS

    Inside: Water-repellent rubber

    Measurements: Height 33 cm - Length 82 cm - Depth 82 cm

  • Qeeboo Oggian Sit Here Pouf designed by Marco Oggian in polyester


    Cylindrical pouf in polyester designed by Marco Oggian characterized by playful motifs and the writing "sit here" to induce people to sit down and experience comfort


    Dimensions in cm: Height 45 - Width 50 - Depth 50

    Material: polyurethane padding - polyester cover

  • Seletti Pouf Toiletpaper made of wood and polyester available in various patterns


    Pouf in wood and polyester by Seletti designed by Toiletpaper and available in various patterns


    Dimensions: Width 51 - Depth 46 - Height 42

    Materials: Wood - Polyester

    Finishes: Shit - Rossetti - Snakes

  • Cruise pouf by Airnova made with brass base with fabric or leather finishing


    Design pouf made in Italy by Airnova with brass base and finishing in 100% water-repellent polyester fabric or leather


    Dimensions in cm: Height 45 - Width 38 - Depth 38

    Materials: Brass base

    Finish: Polyester - Leather

  • Original Floatzac armchair by Fatboy a floating lounge


    Original Floatzac floating armchair 50% acrylic - 50% water-repellent PVC outer fabric, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It does not sink


    Water repellent and dirt repellent fabric

    Use: indoor and outdoor

    It does not sink

    UV resistant


    Stain resistant

    Washable with bleach

    Dimensions in cm: Length 180 - Width 134


    Outer fabric: 50% acrylic / 50% PVC or Olefin

    Padding: EPS (sintered expanded polystyrene)

    Finishes: Stripe Sandy Beige - Dark Ocean - Rock Gray - Gray Taupe - Charcoal - Thunder Gray


    Do not pierce with sharp objects, as the fabric may tear and expose the balls inside. The padding of the ottoman can shrink over time


    Use a damp cloth and pat gently

  • Buggle-up bean bag by Fatboy suitable for indoors and outdoors


    This recliner is made of a high quality water and dirt resistant fabric, which makes it stand out not only indoors, but also in the garden or on the terrace


    Dimensions in cm: Length 185 - width 137

    Materials: Water-repellent and dirt-repellent polyester fabric

    Finish: Black - Dark blue - Jeans - Light gray - Lime green - Orange - Red - Dark gray - Turquoise

    CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Clean with warm soapy water

    USER TIPS: Treat the Buggle-up like a normal garden cushion and, in case of rain, store it indoors. Over time, heavy use can cause the material to shrink. With the refill you can fill your chair from scratch (350 liters) or complete the filling (100 liters)

  • Pouf Emoticon WhatsApp cylindrical


    Pouf Sacco Emoticon round in waterproof polyester for indoors and outdoors with the WhatsApp Emoticons of your choice printed on the upper part of the seat. internal padding in high density polystyrene pearls. Measurements Diameter cm 55 h 45. Available only in yellow color but with the possibility to choose your own Smiley Face you like best by sending us an email to servizioclienti @ kasa-store .com

  • LUXOR Sacco Pouf armchair with storage bag for stuffing spheres


    LUXOR bean bag, enveloping and fresh thanks to its excellent quality microfiber fabric! WATER-REPELLENT and STAIN-RESISTANT fabric 80% polyester, 20% acrylic lining - TNT internal lining - 100% polystyrene marbles padding double lining. completely removable. washing at 30 ° no bleaching. ironing max iron temperature 110 ° Dimensions Diameter 80 cm h 120 cm. In various colors

  • Pouf Armchair Waterproof sack for outdoors in city fabric


    Sacco Pouf Armchair made of waterproof polyester for indoors and outdoors with polystyrene pearl padding. Dimensions Cm Diameter cm 80 H cm 120 Also available in brand new fabric N OMI DELLE CITTA ' or in orange, red, green, fuchsia, light blue, beige (completely removable by removing the internal spheres from the special zipper on the bottom)

  • Sacchi Pouf armchair in 19 different colors 80% cotton and 20 %poliestere with internal...


    Armchair Sacco Pouf in 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Completely removable (by removing the internal spheres from the special zip on the bottom) and washable at 30°. Available in blue, orange, yellow, red, green, ecru, fuchsia, brown, lilac, black, grey, rope or with writings and drawings of the greatest works in London, Paris, New York

  • Sacks Pouf Armchairs in 8 different colors 100% polyester with polyethylene spheres


    With lettering from cities around the world, black & white

    Pouf beanbag in 100% polyester. Hand washable with cloth and neutral soaps. Interior in polystyrene spheres. Completely removable (by removing the internal spheres from the special hinge on the bottom). It has a comfortable handle located on the top to make it easier to move. Blue, red, green, fuchsia, black colors.

  • Maxi large pouf armchair 12 different colors in eco-leather with completely removable...


    100% faux leather bags with internal lining to hold the balls. Armchair completely removable and washable by hand with a cloth and neutral soaps. Interior in polystyrene spheres removable from a zip placed on the bottom of the pouf wrapped in a 2nd PILLOWCASE. Available in orange, red, light and dark green, brown, black, lilac, white, silver, taupe, brown, bronze, fuchsia, purple. D.90 H 135

  • Pouf bag covered in nylon in 11 various colors with internal spheres


    Bag 100% nylon. Armchair with completely removable covers (by removing the internal spheres from the zip on the bottom) and hand washable with a cloth and neutral soaps. Interior in polystyrene spheres. Colors: white, camouflage, orange, green, red, purple, fuchsia, yellow, blue, white with red polka dots, black and brown. Diameter 80cm H 120

Bags and poufs in various fabrics

Original, with all different prints : from the nicest and funniest to the most modern and contemporary ones. The bags and poufs in various fabrics that we offer on our site are adaptable to any interior environment. They have the particularity of giving a touch of style and exclusive design . Funny faces, prints of big cities and metropolises, or simple patterns and monochrome. There are many fabrics available, including the most innovative and waterproof ones. In short, everyone will be satisfied: everyone has their own session. The bags and poufs in various fabrics present on kasa-store are made of different fabrics, but still of high quality. Washable, waterproof, indoor or outdoor. Your every single need can be satisfied.

The unmissable models of bags and poufs in various fabrics: you just have to choose

The proposals are many and all different from each other. Whether you prefer a classic shape rather than an extravagant and eccentric one, that's no problem: on kasa-store you'll find what's right for you! Ideal for living rooms, offices, bedrooms or outdoors, the nylon upholstered pouffe bag lends itself well to being placed in any environment. The padding is made up of internal polystyrene spheres. The shape is the classic teardrop one and you can choose from 11 different colors! The fabric is completely removable and hand washable. A real piece of furniture that can be integrated with many different environments.
For children or slightly grown-up adults, there is a line of cylindrical WhatsApp emoticon poufs . One of the many bags and poufs in various fabrics that give a touch of irony and sympathy to the environment. Also ideal for playrooms and waiting rooms or professional studios (paediatrics, playrooms, etc). Waterproof and rub resistant.

Elegant bags and poufs

With a modern style and shapes. Made with a fine microfiber fabric, stain-resistant and water-repellent. Completely removable and washable. We are talking about the Luxor bean bag. One of the best bags and poufs in various fabrics, like a giant drop it envelops you giving you moments of absolute relaxation.
In faux leather, 12 different colours, one of the most comfortable seats. It is the maxi large pouf beanbag . Thanks to the fine fabric upholstery that gives it elegance, you can also place it in refined environments without having to give up a touch of modernity and comfort. What best characterizes this pouf armchair are the technical details and finishes, with attention to the smallest details. The padding of polystyrene spheres is wrapped in a second internal lining in fabric, so as to make it more compact. Thanks to an almost invisible hinge, it can be removed in just a few moves. The bag is completely removable and hand washable. A cloth and neutral soaps are sufficient.

Quality and attention to detail

The watchword of kasa-store is quality. Or rather, high quality. Our entire team of experts works hard every day to offer you only the best products on the market. Those that boast high quality not only in shapes and style, but also in materials and finishes. We are constantly looking for Made in Italy producers, as we are convinced that our craftsmen excel in fabric processing. We pay the utmost attention to all details, even the smallest ones. Beauty and quality are at home in our online store.