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Sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs

Sofas and armchairs are essential furnishing accessories within a home because they contribute to creating a convivial atmosphere in the living area, making it even more comfortable. The models available on the market are many and are suitable to fit perfectly into any interior design project. Choosing modern sofas, for example, allows you to creatively and effectively design contemporary furniture. Whatever the shape, material and model chosen, furnishing the living area by effectively positioning sofas and armchairs offers the possibility of creating a relaxation area within your own environments, while at the same time contributing to the aesthetics of a space.

Sofas and armchairs for any type of living area

Whether for a classic or modern design furniture, the sofa and the armchair must be in line with the furnishing style of a home. For a comfortable armchair it is good to consider first of all the height of the backrest and the possibility of associating a pouf or footrest to assume a more comfortable position. The important thing is to choose the model that best suits the context and style of the surrounding environment. If the space available is not very much, a pair of sofas will be able to fit into the living area without creating too much space. In the case of a more spacious environment, however, modular sofas can be considered, suitable for up to ten people.

Fabrics and coverings: color spots on sofas and armchairs

The choice of upholstery for sofas and armchairs is one of the most delicate aspects to take into consideration. A leather sofa is a product with an iconic design, which always retains a certain charm thanks to the properties of this material that lends itself to continuous reinterpretations in a modern key. Upholstered sofas and armchairs play with the softness of volumes and cushions, covered with fabrics ranging from neutral tones to strong colors. Velvet is combined with precious finishes and subtle structures, cotton is decorated with floral patterns and geometric designs and the capitonnè is revisited to fit seamlessly into a contemporary style living room.

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